The ethics of using Facebook as a nonprofit


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About this session

This panel discussion will dig into the complexities and ethical conundrums of using digital platforms, such as Facebook, to aid nonprofits in campaigning, organising and fundraising. Each of the panelists will share their experiences and thoughts on what non profits can do to make sure their digital presence is right for the values of both themselves and their supporters. 

Jon Lloyd, Director of Campaigns at Mozilla Foundation, is joined by Nandini Jammi, Co-Founder of Sleeping Giants, Harriet Kingaby, Co-Chair of Conscious Advertising Network and Matt Derby, Director of Campaigns at M+R. The speakers are all working at the coalface of these issues, and will share their experience in the sector as well as practical tips to what you can do to make sure your organisation goes digital in the right way - discussing Facebook, and other platforms.

Jon Lloyd

Director of Campaigns (interim), Mozilla Foundation

He has been involved in campaigning, fundraising and marketing for over 14 years. Jon is one of the world’s top digital campaigning and fundraising experts, having honed his craft in digital-first organisations. Jon has a true global outlook, having won campaigns and raised tens of millions of pounds in nearly every country in the world for human rights, healthcare, advocacy and campaigning, education, hospitals, and community organisations. He currently lives in London, UK, via New Zealand and Canada.

Matt Derby

Senior Vice President, M+R

Matt has spent over twelve years at M+R working with organizations like World Wildlife Fund, the UN Refugee Agency, the Service Employees International Union, the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and the American Museum of Natural History to build advertising programs, break fundraising records, develop online campaigns, and enact real change. He frequently presents as an expert on digital advertising strategies for major direct marketing conferences, including the Direct Marketing Association of NYC, the Non-profit Technology Conference, and the International Fundraising Conference. He holds certification for media buying and strategy from Facebook and Google in addition to other advertising platforms. Matt lives in Queens, New York City, and would be happy to share his reasons for why that’s the best borough for food in the city.

Harriet Kingaby

Co-Chair, Conscious Advertising Network

She’s also a Mozilla Fellow, working with Consumers International to map the opportunities and impacts of AI enhanced advertising, globally. She's also an award-winning communications and brand safety strategist, who has worked with some of the world’s biggest (and smallest) brands, start-ups and social enterprises to land international campaigns, build brands with purpose and create behaviour change programs. Her career has spanned agencies from Media Bounty, to Ogilvy, to co-founding BoraCo in 2017. She is also partially responsible for the Boris/Trump kiss mural that galvanised millennials to vote in the UK's EU referendum. She co-founded The Conscious Advertising Network with Jake Dubbins of Media Bounty in 2018 and has since seen it gain international recognition, partner with ISBA and the UN, and grow to over 90 members from O2 to Accenture Interactive.

Nandini Jammi

Co-Founder, Sleeping Giants

Nandini has been immersed in the world of brand safety & digital advertising since 2016, when she began running Sleeping Giants, the social media campaign that alerted advertisers that their ads were funding hate speech on Breitbart News.

Since then, she has led campaigns that have convinced advertisers to flee Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, Tucker Carlson Tonight and The Ingraham Angle. The campaign is also behind the effort to deplatform Alex Jones’ Infowars as well as influential white nationalist figures.

Nandini is dedicated to ending systemic racism in tech and media. In June 2020, she launched Check My Ads to help brands understand where their digital media spend is flowing and redirect it towards media that supports their brand values.

Prior to entering brand safety, she worked as Head of Growth and Content Marketing Lead for tech startups in London and Berlin.

Nandini is originally from the Washington, D.C. area and graduated from University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business with a degree in Marketing.

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